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Tableau Class Reference

#include <tableau.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

--- class Tableau ------------------------------------------------------

Definition at line 25 of file tableau.h.

Public Member Functions

bool allCardsMatches ()
int autoMove (int p)
int autoMoveLeft (int p)
int autoMoveRight (int p)
void backward ()
void deal ()
int deals ()
void forward ()
bool gameOver ()
void move (int p)
bool noPileEmpty ()
int points ()
void remove ()
void select (int p, int max=0)
 Tableau (Deck &deck, int pileCount, int finalCount, int deals)
void unselect ()
 ~Tableau ()

Public Attributes

bool changed
Finals finals
Piles piles

Private Attributes

int cardsToOpen
int dealCount

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