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SpiderGame Class Reference

#include <game.h>

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Detailed Description

--- class SpiderGame ---------------------------------------------------

Definition at line 25 of file game.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual eOSState ProcessKey (eKeys key)
virtual void Show ()
 SpiderGame (const SpiderSetup &setup, const char *confdir)
virtual ~SpiderGame ()

Private Types

enum  { cursorOnPile, selectedPile, cursorOnPack, gameOver }

Private Member Functions

void paint ()
void paintBack (int x, int y)
void paintCard (int x, int y, const Card &card)
void paintCursor (int x, int y)
void paintFinal (unsigned int f)
void paintFrame (int x, int y)
void paintPack ()
void paintPile (unsigned int p)
void start ()

Private Attributes

const char * confdir
unsigned int currentPile
int height
const char * infoText
cOsd * osd
const SpiderSetupsetup
enum SpiderGame:: { ... }  status
int width
int xDist
int xPos
int yDist
int yPos

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