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Pile Class Reference

#include <heap.h>

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Detailed Description

--- class Pile ---------------------------------------------------------

Definition at line 88 of file heap.h.

Public Member Functions

void adaptSelectionTo (const Pile *other)
void add (const Card &card)
const Cardcard (int position) const
int cardsChanged () const
bool changed () const
int count () const
bool empty () const
int getMatching () const
void moveTo (Heap *other, int countToMove)
int open () const
 Pile (const Deck &deck)
void remove ()
void resetChanged ()
void select (int max=0)
int selected () const
bool selectionMatchesTo (const Pile *other, bool matchSuit=false) const
const Cardtop () const
bool topCardsMatches () const
void turn ()
void unselect ()

Protected Attributes

CardStack allCards
int currentChanged
int currentMatching
int currentOpen
int currentSelected
bool emptyChanged
unsigned int maxCount

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